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The “must have” items for a stylish baby nursery

The “must have” items for a stylish baby nursery


Styling your newborn’s nurses is both an exciting, but also daunting time. So what “must have” products do you need to have a nursery worthy of a Tatler spread?

Below are my top 7 stylish nursery must haves!

  1. A Scandi style play gym

    Gone are the days when baby plays gyms are brightly coloured, garish monstrosities. With “scandi” being the latest word in the stylish baby world, we couldn’t resist this stunning wooden play gym complete with gorgeous “elephant” toys and pastel colours. You can buy this gorgeous baby gym here


2. Self adhesive wallpaper


Do you want to decorate your baby’s nursery but are worried that in a few years he/she is going to want to change it? Invest in this AMAZING self adhesive wall paper from @rockymountaindecals Believe it or not, you can put up (and take down!) this wallpaper without any stress at all!⠀

It is self adhesive so you simply peel off the backing paper and it sticks onto the wall!! And when you want to remove it, blow dry it with a hairdryer and it peels off!

This incredible ‘self adhesive’ wallpaper is from www.rockymountainwalldecals.com


3. The world’s most stylish lounger


This incredible MiniMe Lounger was HAND CROCHETED by an incredible artisan called Avril from CraftSisters. She personally makes all the handcrafted items and customers receive individual attention, so that she can ensure as much as possible their requirements are met and a rapport is built. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with this lounger. Not only is it the perfect size to snuggle up to your newborn on, but the quality is out of this world. It’s incredibly soft and has three beautiful Pom poms attached so it certainly hits the “luxury” box.

It’s wonderfully large too, meaning that if my toddler wants to join us for a bedtime story then the whole family can snuggle up on it.

(The one thing worth mentioning is that the inner liner is sealed not zipped, and they are filled with beanbag beads so just make sure no little babies or toddlers are left to ‘explore’ the beanbag by themselves!) You can buy this gorgeous lounger here


4. An elegant baby blanket


This gorgeous lambswool baby blanket is exactly the sort of thing I will look forward to snuggling Ophelia up in when the winter sets in. You can buy yours here


5. An oak door stop


Gone are the days when doorstops were without design! This incredible cute doorstop (which you can also get in a ‘whale’ and ‘worm’ design can be bought here

4. Gorgeous Bunny Prints


Probably more suited to a baby girl’s nursery, these stunning bunny prints certainly have the wow factor. In my daughter Ophelia’s nursery, they definitely get the most comments!


Are you as obsessed with these bunny prints as I am? You can get them here

5. Cam Cam Cophenhagen changing mat


My new favourite baby brand is without a doubt Cam Cam Copenhagen. If you haven’t checked them out then please make sure you do! Everything on their site is to die for including this incredibly stylish changing mat!

6. Bunny baskets


Fabulous for storing all of those baby clothes or rogue muslins, this gorgeous Bunny toy basket is a must have for any new mummy. It’s much bigger than it seems, meaning it’s the perfect place to hide away any garish baby toys, and it has a little handle so it’s perfect for transporting from room to room. Do you want this incredible bunny hand knitted basket? You can get it here

7. Cam Copenhagen Changing table in Harlequin


This incredible changing table comes in a variety of gorgeous colours (from light sand to petroleum) but I went for the beautiful grey design as it compliments the other colours in Ophelia’s nursery so well. It has incredible functionality and can be transformed into a regular cupboard as soon as your little one is out of nappies. https://camcamcopenhagen.com

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A new mummy must have - your own Chef (*and yes, it is possible!)

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