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How to prepare for baby number 2 (without losing the plot!)

How to prepare for baby number 2 (without losing the plot!)

Adding another one to your brood might seem exciting (read as: bloody petrifying!), but there are numerous things you can do before number 2 to make everyone’s life that little bit easier. Here’s my top tips on how to prepare for baby number 2 without losing the plot!

1. Book a flight to another country....immediately!


Not trying to scaremonger here...I’m instead just being practical. Flying with one kid can be hard enough, but add another one and (eek!) you might be losing your hair before you even get on that plane.  So book a fabulous (short haul) flight somewhere with your toddler and enjoy a wonderful holiday just the three of you. The memories you will create, and that special time before the new baby comes along, will feel incredibly special. 

2. Start considering a “big kid bed.”


With number 2 coming along the chances are you are going to need, um, your toddlers cot.  So instead of just turfing your toddler out the second the baby arrives, why not make it an exciting transition. Buying your first born a new “big bed.” Do they love Peppa Oug? Bite the bullet and get a peppa led! A new big kid bed can be something that can “excite” them and make the new baby’s arrival less daunting! 

3. Sort through the  toys and arrange into big kid and baby piles

Yup, certain organisation skills needed here but believe me it will be worth it. Having a basket/box/cupboard solely desicated to “baby toys” and one for “toddler toys” will make life so much easier in the long run!

4. Remind them of their role of Big Brother/Sister


Start to read your toddler story books about becoming a Big Brother or Sister. Not only is it wonderful bonding time for the two of you, but it will also subconsciously prepare your little one for the new arrival.

5. Write a letter to your toddler.


Before the baby arrives, write your toddler a letter saying how proud you are of them and reminding them of all the fabulous things they have done since they were born. Whenever your toddler is upset once the baby arrives (or is craving your attention) you can read the letter to them to remind them how special they are to you. 

Do you have any tips? Please share them in the comments below.

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