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A unique baby shopping experience in London

A unique baby shopping experience in London

Being pregnant with your first baby brings with it many fears and questions about the unknown. How do I prepare myself for being a mother? How will a baby fit into my life? And, possibly one of the most common questions of all, what baby kit do I actually need?

Anitas House in London is the one stop place to answer all of these questions. Set up and run by Anita herself (possibly one of the nicest women I have ever met!) her showroom in Chelsea showcases everything you need for your newborn. Having worked with hundreds of parents, Anita is an expert when it comes to baby must-haves, and she is personally on hand to tell you what you need (as well as what you defiantly do not need!)


So how does Anitas house actually work?

First things first, mark a date in your diary to visit the showroom and put a big happy smiley face next to it. Why? Because I can guarantee at the end of your meeting with Anita you will not only feel reassured and stress free, but also incredibly happy and excited. Even my husband remarked after meeting Anita that he has been ‘dreading it’ but now rates it as ‘one of his happiest memories when it came to baby planning.’

When you arrive at Anitas house you will be personally greeted by Anita herself and offered a plethora of teas, coffees, biscuits and chocolates and a very comfy sofa to sit down on, put your feet up and have a chat with anita about all things baby. The showroom is an oasis of calm - nothing like any other baby store out there. You consultation is also completely private so there will be no-one else in the showroom at the same time, meaning you really do get Anita’s full attention

Tiffany and Anita

Tiffany and Anita

Talking through all of the different baby essentials to suit you

Whether you are a first time mummy or already have a little hoard of children, Anita’s knowledge of baby equipment is second to none. She swiftly talked us through all of the different things you might need (whilst also adamantly telling us the things we didn’t need) before showing us around her showroom so we could see everything in action and test it out for ourselves. They have hundreds of products to hand for you to see, feel, test out so you can genuinely decide what works for you and your lifestyle.


Honest and trusted advice

The cynics out there might think that Anita works in partnership with certain brands and will therefore try and sell them to you, but that is simply not the case. She knows that every parents wants and needs are different so she will give you honest opinions on brands and essentially that fit your lifestyle.

Having created a wonderful list of everything we needed, Anita sent us away feeling much more happy an confident than when we arrived. We had all of our baby essentials ordered and ready to be delivered a month before our little one arrived!


Delivery and assembly services

This is another service of Anitas that shows how she goes above and beyond for parents. When all of our ‘baby kit’ was due to be arrive, Anita delivered them to our home in person and set about setting everything up, unloading boxes and showing us how everything worked so we didn’t have to lift a finger.

All in all the experience at Anita’s house was out of this world and I now recommend it to any and every mummy that I come across.



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