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The most thoughtful gifts in the world: FOR Daddies FROM their Babies

The most thoughtful gifts in the world: FOR Daddies FROM their Babies

Finding a gift for the father of your child (be it for Father's Day or their birthday) can often be mind-blowingly impossible. With online shops littered with 'Best Dad Ever' mugs or "First Birthday as a Dad' t-shirts, it's easy to get sucked into the 'tat' and end up buying gift that will end up hidden away at the back of a shelf or in the bottom drawer.

Which is why, I've selected the three most thoughtful gets ever to give new fathers, from their littles ones. Prepare to be blown away....


A Hand drawn Portrait

With our babies growing up so quickly, you may feel that those precious younger years dissapear in a flash. Which is where Theresa Stancombe can help. This incredibly talented artist manages to create stunning pencil portraits that bring your little ones to life. And the story behind why she started drawing, will tug on any new mothers heart strings.

She says:  "I lost my mum very suddenly when my son was only 3 months old and I had very few photos of them together which was deeply saddening.  I was inspired to sketch them together from one of the few photos I had.  I gave that drawing to my father for his birthday and his reaction was so powerful, it inspired me to share my gift for bringing photos to life."

When I approached Theresa to draw Rupert I was amazed by how passionate and accommodating she was (I was desperate to get it done in time for Father's day which - naughty me - was just three days away!) Theresa put everything on hold to help me out and was incredible from the start. She requested a photo of Rupert and then sent me the drawing in various stages as she worked on it. And the final result? Just incredible.

Unlike many other artists, Theresa managed to capture Rupert perfectly - the naughty smile in his eyes to his sheeky 'tongue poke!' My husband was over the moon when he saw it. I will defiantly be commissioning more artwork from her in the future!

If you would like a hand drawn portrait of your little one contact Theresa via www.relationpix.com



Matching Father and Son PJ's

Could there be anything more adorable than matching father and son PJ's? Yes. PERSONALISED Father and Son PJ's! These gorgeous pyjamas from Lunnantiques come in baby and adult size meaning you can get matching sleepwear for both your husband and your son. The quality far outshines any other father/son nightwear I have come across and with the added personalisation element, they stood out in both the style and the 'thoughtfulness' stakes


3. Fingerprint Cufflinks

Philippa Herbert does it again, with these stunning fingerprint cufflinks. I actually bought some of these for Patrick for our 'first wedding anniversary as parents' and he states they are his 'most treasured possession to date.' So how does it work? Camilla or Philippa (the founders) will come along to your home (provided you are based in London) and take your baby's fingerprint by simply wiping over their finger with what looks like a wet cloth (It's much more technical than that!) and then getting the fingerprint on a piece of paper. They then create  a pair of stunning  cufflinks which shows your child’s unique fingerprint engraved on the  cufflink and an elegant single initial on the other side.

You can buy them here:


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