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First birthday present ideas that your baby will love (and you will too!)

First birthday present ideas that your baby will love (and you will too!)

Choosing a gift for your baby's first ever birthday can be both emotional and intimidating. With so many loud and plastic  baby toys on the market, there are times when us parents just wish we track down beautiful baby toys that our little ones will love too.

Thankfully, it is possible. Here are the 7 most beautiful baby toys for a your baby’s first birthday.

1. Dashing Hare Tankard


Imagine giving your baby a gift that can still be used on years to come? This stunning pewter hare tankard is the most perfect (not to mention luxurious!) way to get your baby to transition from bottle to cup, and think how smart it will look in his lunch box when he heads off to school! If you’re the sentimental type then you can also get it engraved with your baby’s name or birth date. You can buy it here


2. A Personalised blanket and cushion to snuggle up to


If your little one is a bit of a 'snuggler', then these are two things he simply NEEDS. Why? Because not only do they give you, as a parent, the perfect excuse to cuddle up to him, but it's also a gift that will keep on giving (imagine on his first day of boarding school sending him off, armed with a blanket with his name on!) This gorgeous herringbone blanket can have whatever you want personalised onto it (we went for his name - but you could consider date of birth, his nickname...!) and it is so stylish that it actually looks fabulous in any room in the house. We are also huge fans of this 'initial' cushion in tweed...now all we need is a country house to go with it! You can buy both of these here


3. A ride on woolly mammoth 


Answer me this: What child wouldn't want a woolly rocking mammoth he can ride on? This gorgeous little beast has been an absolute revelation in the Norris household. Not only is he incredible stylish (and actually looks quite nice perched in our living room) but Rupert absolutely adores him! The great thing about this woolly mammoth is that he is a little bit different from other ride on toys that babies tend to get given. He's cooler - that's for certain, but the quality of the product is beyond believable. When he arrived in his box, I was slightly intimidated by the fact I would have to put him together, but, even for  novice like me, it was incredibly easy and took under five minutes. The price tag might be slightly high but my goodness is he worth it! If only it came in adult sizes too! You buy buy this gorgeous little beast here


4. A wooden alligator shape sorter


If you're a fan of the wonderful 'wonder weeks' then you'll know that at one year's old, babies like to 'sort' things. This could mean anything from pulling things apart and putting them back together to getting shapes and arranging them into the correct holes. Which is where this gorgeous wooden alligator shape sorter is just perfect! Not only does it look beautiful (who doesn't love beautifully crafted wooden toys over horrid plastic ones!) but it really does keep Rupert entertained for hours on end. If he's not happily sitting and putting the shapes into the correct slots, he's walking around and dragging his little alligator friend behind him.

You can buy this gorgeous toy here (and whist you're at it, check out their amazing stacking rabbit too - another must have for a one year old!)


5. A pull along wooden dog with a drum


As we all know, one year olds love anything that makes a noise! But save your ears from those  jingle jangles that most toys make, and opt instead for this fabulous drumming dog! Taking inspiration from the sorts of toys we grew up with, this gorgeous little chap is not only beautifully made but it makes a subtle (note the word subtle!) little drumming noise as it is pulled across the ground. So, not only does it keep Rupert entertained, but it means his mummy's eardrums don't threaten to explode. A bonus for both I think!

You can buy this here


6. A ride on classic car  


When I found out I was having a little boy, I dreaded being surrounded by plastic cars and trains and trucks. Thankfully Meemeelondon saved the day by alerting me to this incredibly stylish (and quite frankly beautiful!) ride on classic car. Days before we gave it to Rupert (and it was taken up to his nursery for him to wiz around in) it had pride of place in front of our fireplace in our living room. I cannot tell you the amount of comments we got from visiting friends and family. So stylish is it, that we recieved comments such as 'I love that vintage car ...I'd quite like one for my house' and 'Wow. What a collectors item!' Little did they know it was actually a childs toy!!


Rupert adores this car and I honestly think it will keep him entertained for many years to come. A must have for any one year old (and 2, 3, 4 year old too!) You can buy it here

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