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How to: Madrid with a baby

How to: Madrid with a baby

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Last bank holiday weekend we booked an impromptu mini break to Madrid, determined to experience the culture, food and history...all with a baby in tow. Rupert is now 11 months old, meaning he is slightly more demanding so we were worried that a relaxing break away might be unachievable. So, here are my top tips, based on what worked for us, for a trip to Madrid with a baby in tow.

How to get there: BA business class

Since having Rupert we have decided to avoid all low cost airlines, and instead just spend out money on good airlines and upgrades as and when we can. We flew to Madrid  and back on BA business class (thank you amex airmails!). Here's why you should travel this way:

1) Business Class Lounge: We had access to the Business class lounge meaning Rupert could eat as much as we wanted (And his parents could start to relax into their holiday by having a couple of glasses Champagne.) The business class lounge also has amazing baby changing facilities and there is enough room for babies to crawl around (without bumping into thousands of other holiday jet setters!) The business class lounge had numerous highchairs (And I was pleased to see that someone wiped them down with anti bacterial wipes) after every baby used them so cleanliness was fantastic!

2) Seats that convert into a fully flat bed - This was perfect for when Rupert got sleepy and could snuggle up to his mummy and have a nap! There was also so much leg room that when he was awake we could happily play around on the floor in front of me, without disturbing anyone else!


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3) Baby bassinet: Not only did we get a fully flat bed but there was also the option of a baby basinet which meant once Rupert was asleep we transferred him into it, meaning both parents could sit back, relax and look forward to our holiday!

Baby friendly rating: 10/10 

Where to stay: Urso hotel

We stayed at the luxury boutique hotel Urso which is right in the Salamanca district of Madrid (Think of it as what Chelsea is to London). Despite seeing on Mr and Mrs Smith, that the Urso was not a 'child friendly' hotel, we couldn't disagree more. As soon as we arrived the staff were incredible attentive to us and Rupert and there was nothing they wouldn't do for our baby. The hotel itself is pure Luxury. Here's why

1) We booked one of their Suites - Our suite was HUGE and had floor to ceiling windows on three of the walls meaning that then the sun came out we were doused in beautiful sunshine. We had a huge sofa area (perfect for feeding Rupert and for him to play in). Our bed was huge as well, and incredibly comfortable. The whole hotel was clean, today and VERY glam. Booking a suite is such a good idea when you have a baby as you have that extra 'room' which means you don't feel holed up in a hotel room. Space is so important when you have a baby


2) The staff were incredible when it came to tending to Rupert. They bought a highchair to our room so we could give hi his breakfast and supper, and were more than happy to prepare him baby friendly food when we asked for it. Every member of staff made an effort to play with Rupert and he was kissed by so many beautiful Spanish women i think we was in his element!

3) They will book you a reputable babysitter - although expensive (20 euros an hour!) the hotel will book you a qualified and reputable babysitter if you want a night out on the town

4) Their taxis always had carseats - the hotel happily booked cars for us when we need to get to the airport and back, and always made sure that a safe car seat was fitted. We had decided not to bring our own carseat on this trip, so it was wonderful knowing Rupert was being looked after on every journey

Baby friendly rating: 10/10

Where to eat

Madrid really does know how to do food well! In fact, it's safe to say it has been some of the best food I have eaten in a while. Below are a list of restaurants we eat at (all of which were fabulous with a baby in tow!)


Media Racion - This is actually the restaurant within our hotel which I was nervous about as usually they don't rate that highly in my books. But this surpassed all expectation! The food was incredible (try the scallops and then risotto) and the wine -even better. The other great thing about this restaurant is that we were able to bring our baby monitor with us so whilst Rupert was asleep upstairs we could enjoy dinner just a few meters away

Tartan roof

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We went here during the day for a spot of lunch - Jamon iberico  and Aperol Spritz - and we couldnt have wished for a nicer spot. It was on the rooftop (so perfect when the sun is shining).

There is a huge area on the roof - one part of just for drinking and the other for eating - and the views out over Madrid are breathtaking. They were amazing with Rupert - supplying him a highchair and also giving him free ice-cream! What more could a baby want?

La Carmencita - Officially the oldest restaurant in Madrid this was by far my favourite. We decided to venture out with Rupert, praying that we would fall asleep once we ordered our starters. As soon as we arrived the manager went out of his way to find us a lovely table where there was enough room to fit Rupert's pram next to us. He also showed us a private dining room where is suggested, if Rupert woke up because of the noise, we could happily put him in there. Amazingly - Rupert slept through and we were able to enjoy delicious sardine and officially the best filet steak I have ever eaten.

Baby friendly rating: 10/10

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What do to:

Madrid really is the perfect place to just walk around, relax, eat and drink. The food was out of this world so if you are planning a short break then I would make it a foodie one. We eat out every day for lunch and dinner and were never once disappointed. The ceviche in madrid is to die for! 

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Aside from eating, we wandered around the touristic spots, visiting the palace etc, which, although busy, was a must see. Unfortunately when we were there the park was closed but I have it on good authority that it is the perfect spot to visit with a baby and have a lovely picnic in the sunshine.  I'd also recommend visiting the Salamanca area for fabulous shopping (Gucci, Prada...it has everything you could wish for.)

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Baby friendly rating: 10/10

Is there anywhere else you would recommend in Madrid that is baby friendly? If so, let me know in the comments below.


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