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Brilliant buys to help your baby sleep through the night

Brilliant buys to help your baby sleep through the night

Getting your baby to sleep through the night is on every parents wish list. So how can you make it possible? Here are a list of must have baby products that got Rupert sleeping for a solid 12 hours!

Superlove Merino baby sleeping bag 


I have nothing but wonderful thing to say about this glorious sleeping bag. Made of merino wool,  it keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer (meaning you don't have to worry about bloody tog ratings!) It is by far one of the most luxurious sleeping bags I have come across - both in quality and aesthetics. They have some gorgeous designs (I've just bought a fabulous woodland animals print) and since wearing it to bed, Rupert has actually slept through the night! And that's not just Rupert! According to studies, it has been proved that babies sleeping in Merino have improved sleep patterns - settling quicker and sleeping for longer! Buy yours here

GroEgg room thermometer

Percy-Perguin-Gro-egg Shell-1024x1024.jpg

We actually have an 'egg' but this sheepish looking penguin is far more pleasing on the eye. The GroEgg room thermometer is just fabulous for keeping panicked parents reassured. Plug it into a socket in your nursery and watch as it changes colour as the temperature changes. When it's a yellow warm glow with a smiley face - it means the temperate is just perfect! If it turns red, then it's time to remove some of you babies PJ's! The perfect product for nervous new parents! (did I mention it also makes a great night light for those 2am nappy changes?) Buy yours here


White company cot that converts into a toddler bed

2017-03-31 16.49.34-1.jpg

I can't fault the White Company - I loved it even before Rupert came along and now The Little White Company is actually bookmarked on my computer because of all of their fabulous baby stuff. Choosing a cot for Rupert was a struggle as I wanted the best (well, he was my first baby so only the best was good enough!) This White Company cot ticked all of the boxes - it's sturdy, has room for a drawer underneath, and coverts into a toddler bed when Rupert gets older. It's also just gorgeous. Buy it here

JellyCat blue bunny soother


Where would a good nights sleep be without the Blue Bunny Rabbit? This little saviour from Jelly Cat has been clutched in Rupert's hand since the day he was born, and to be honest, I can understand why. In true JellyCat fashion it is incredibly snuggly and soft, and the rabbit, incredibly cute. As soon as we put this in Rupert's hand at bedtime he snuggles up to it and is asleep within second. Buy it here

Bloom and Blossom bedtime routine set


This is the perfect way to create a calm, natural and peaceful bedtime routine. With a bedtime body wash, massage oil and pillow spray I'm at risk of getting mummy envy! Not only do these products smell delicious but it helps to get Rupert into a lovely sleep inducing routine. I'm confident that he now knows the routine goes: bath, massage, pillow spray and....sleep! Buy yours here

Moonlight and Memories Night Light Soother



This gorgeous little  nightlight plays eight soothing and relaxing melodies whilst also projecting a pretty lightshow, and can be dimmed for when it's time for little one to nod off. It even manages to make me feel sleepy!

Rachel Waddilove's "The Baby Book"


Here it is! The ultimate MUST HAVE to get your baby to sleep through the night. I am a huge fan of the wonderful Rachael Waddilove after she helped me get Rupert into a sleep routine that got him sleeping through from 7pm until 8am at just 8 months! Rachels book has been my bible since day one and I can't recommend it enough for parents (new or old!) She has a wonderful chapter about routines which makes sure that you feed and play with your baby at the right time (without being too regimented!) which ultimately results in a good nights sleep. She also gives tips on how to drop the dream feed and what to do if you baby starts waking in the night. Seriously. You NEED THIS BOOK. Buy it now

Do you have any fail safe sleep products that helped your baby sleep through the night? If so let me know in the comments below! Tiff x

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