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Why every exhausted mother needs this...

Why every exhausted mother needs this...

Like every exhausted mummy, I am constantly looking for ways to minimize stress and make life as easy as possible. I've spent hours googling "toys that will entertain your baby for as long as possible' and 'How to ACTUALLY sleep whilst your baby sleeps (is there a magic house tidying fairy who comes along and sorts out all the admin whilst you sleep?!)

But what really stresses me out at the end of a long day with a baby, is having to think about (and then cook) a meal that my husband will think I lovingly spent hours saving over (whilst the baby slept).

So, mothers, I have news. It is possible. If you, like me, have bags under your eyes that are considered carry ons at the airport, then you really REALLY need Mindful Chef.



Mindful Chef, one of the many new recipe delivery box companies out there, I didn’t think for a second it would be any different to the tried and tested Gousto/Hello Fresh etc. But, determined to try ANYTHING that would make my life easier I was lured in by the fact that it had also been described as 'Healthy Eating made easy."

All mummies out here know, anything with the word 'easy' it in is a sure-fire way to get parents interested, and I had logged in and signed up before Rupert even had a chance to do ten bounces in his jumperoo.

So, in the theme of simplicity I'm bullet pointing why Mindful Chef it is a must have for any new mummy (regardless or not of whether you want to shift the baby pounds)


Why it works for mums

1. It's so quick

Forget traipsing around Waitress with a screaming baby in a trolley or attempting to do an Ocado shop between bedtime and bath time - the whole 'choosing recipes and ordering them' system of Mindful Chef takes less than 10 minutes. Meaning you have more time to do the important things in life - like pouring yourself that much needed evening G and T.   

2. You can be like Madeline Shaw and eat Healthily ALL THE TIME

Every meal from Mindful Chef is gluten and dairy free (And for those jumping on the oh-so-stylish-Vegan-trend-of-the-moment) there's even the option to just select vegan recipes.

3. It has PROPER vegetables

Do you remember those? The types of vegetables that stay fresh and gorgeous looking for at least a week in your fridge? When I ordered Mindful Chef, I panicked that the box would contain many, must-eat-NOW ingredients but I'm pleased to report that even after 6 days they still looked as fresh as day one. Now that’s a testament to the quality of food they use. 


4. You can still have a social life

 A mother and a social life? Do those two things go together?! Well if a social life means popping out to the nearest boots to replenish your Ella’s Kitchen order, then get ready to shout with joy. Because unlike other 'delivery services' you don't have to be in to sign or your food. Mindful Chef package everything up in a beautifully insulated box so that it can be left on your doorstep for hours without any of the food going off.  Simply genius.

5. You are allowed to be a lazy mother

 And breathe. Why? Because don't have to think about what you're cooking for dinner as you've already chosen the recipes at the beginning of the week.

6. The packaging is genius

Not only are all the ingredients measured out already or you (so you don't have to worry about getting the scales out!) but each recipe is separated into individual paper bags so that everything is in one place. This means you don't have to steps hours rooting around in your fridge for that rogue red chili.


 7. It is perfect for weaning babies too!

The recipes are all so fresh and health that they also worked well for Rupert. He devoured the Salmon Teriyaki we all had for supper and it means I didn’t have to worry about creating a separate meal for him.

Tempted? Check them out here

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