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The ONLY Baby Playmat you will ever need....

The ONLY Baby Playmat you will ever need....

I’m a sucker for buying anything and everything that I think my baby “needs.” Which is why, considering I live in a house with solid wooden floors, I knew it was imperative (or at least that’s the word I used to my husband!) that we invested in a baby playmat. The reasoning? It would be somewhere safe, comfortable and fun for Rupert to roll around on. Hand over the credit card husband....

But  where to start? With so many baby playmats on he market I was delighted to stumble across the JayceeBaby padded playmat and here are just a few fabulous reasons why:


1. It boasts a 5cm thick, soft padding 

Believe me, thick padding is essential when you have a baby rolling and tumbling all over the place. I’m thrilled to say that Rupert fell, smashed and rolled all over the place on this mat but there wasn’t even one accompanying scream. The padding is so thick it’s literally like playing on clouds. (And another bonus? It’s actually really comfortable for “mum bums” where we have to sit down and play all day!)


2. It’s made for babies......

On one side of this play mat there are an assortment of sensory toys to keep a baby occupied, from fuzzy elephants tails to scrunchy flower petals. The clever black and white patterns across the mat are great for capturing small babies attention and the numerous brightly coloured and fun animal elements (who doesn’t love an owl with a furry belly!) means your baby will be occupied for hours! 

3.....AND toddlers

Turn the mat over and suddenly you have a space for a toddler to play too! With a fun “map” for them to zoom their cars or trains along, and a waterproof cover for messy play, this mat really does work for ALL ages. The toddler side of the mat has also been made of slightly firmer material to encourage walking and the plethora of fun characters dotted all over the mat will encourage imaginative play.



4. It’s easy to store

Despite appearing quite large, the play mat can actually easily slip behind a sofa or fold in half for easy storage. Perfect for when your friends are coming over for a glass of wine and you want to de-baby-clutter the house  

5. It is the perfect place to GET MESSY

I’ve already mentioned the waterproof cover on the toddler side of the mat, but I feel it needs mentioning again. Rupert and I had the most glorious morning last week covering rhe mat in flour and water whilst he eagerly placed his hands all over it and enjoyed “making a mess.” And the best bit? At the end I could just remove the plastic covering and wipe it down. Easy! 


Tempted? You can buy your perfectly padded playmat here  


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