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How to survive norovirus with a baby

How to survive norovirus with a baby

The dreaded norovirus has hit our household - what was supposed to be a relaxing trip to Ireland to visit the Grandparents, has turned into a vomiting tearful mess (and that’s just me.)

I got it at midnight last night and have been being sick every half hour ever since (FYI it’s now 6pm.)

Patrick has just returned from the bathroom solemn faced announcing he’s just been sick.

So now we are just anxiously waiting for 9 month old Rupert to follow suit (because, like it or not, it’s bound to happen.)

So having spent every minute (when my head is not down the Loo) googling “how to stop your baby catching nurovirus from his parents” I thought I would share my findings incase it helps any other parents out there. Sadly the advice isn’t a guarantee that your baby won’t get it but there are some little things you can do to try and minimalise it.

1. Stay away from the baby  

Easier said than done right? However if one parents is ill and the other seems ok then it’s time for the puking parent to retreat and let the ok parent take control. Norovirus can be spread incredibly easily so avoiding touching or cuddling (sob) your baby might just help. (FYI apart from having the day from hell being sick, it has also been made worse by the fact I can’t cuddle Rupert. I know it’s for his own good but a gorgeous rupert cuddle would be so lovely right now.) 

2. Dissinfect

 If you have been sick in one of the bathrooms in your home, dissinfect it immediately afterwards. The bugs can live on the surface of your Loo/sink for a long time, so you need to zap them pronto. Also, if your baby usually has a bath in said bathroom, consider relocating him to another one. The germs where you have been sick can float around in the air so it’s safer to put him in a room where there is no sign of a sickness bug.


3. Grab a muslin

If you are in a situation where you have no choice but to be with your baby then channel Bear Grills and wrap a muslin over your nose and face. This will stop any of the nasty nurovirus bug escaping into the air and into your baby. It’s not a hot look, granted, but if it’s going to keep your baby well it’s worth it

4. Up the water intake

If you are worried your baby might not have escaped it, then make sure you give them plenty of water throughout the day.  Dehydration is incredibly dangerous for babies so up that water intake pronto.


Do you have any other advice for parents dealing with nurovirus? If so let me know in the comments below!  



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