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How to move your baby out of your bedroom (without becoming an emotional wreck!)

How to move your baby out of your bedroom (without becoming an emotional wreck!)

Moving your baby out of your bedroom and into their nursery can be an emotional upheaval for new mothers.  What if you don't hear them crying? What about cot death? Does this mean your little baby is suddenly growing up? The important thing to remember is for you to make the move when you and your partner both feel ready. Often dads are ready first and it can take a little while for mums to be ready as well. Every family is different and some parents move their babies out of their rooms in the first 4-6 weeks. 

Little Me London's resident baby expert Rachel Waddilove shares her top tips on moving your baby out of your room (without becoming an emotional wreck!)


1. Use your baby monitor

For added comfort you can still have your baby monitor on and by the side of your bed. Make sure you turn the volume down as low as possible so that the little grunts and groans that babies make whilst they are asleep don't cause you too much disturbance. Then , when you are feeling more confident, you can remove the baby monitor completely.

2. Remove the Sleepyhead

If your baby has been sleeping in a sleepyhead, now is a good time to remove it so that they can splay out their arms and see how lovely it is having space in their new cot. Sleepyheads are ok when babies are young, however as babies grow they tend to 'squish' them. Babies, like adult, like to be able to roll around and fling their arms out whilst sleeping - so taking the sleepyhead away will allow them to do this. 


3. Know the facts

 A lot of mummies worry constantly about cot death and the thought of moving their baby out of arms reach and into their own room, can be terrifying. New mothers tend to worry that cot death is more likely if the baby is in their own room as they won't 'hear' if something is going wrong. The truth is, cot death (if  it does happen) will happen regardless as to whether you baby is near you or in the next door room. There are no sounds or giveaway signs so you must remind yourself that they are just as safe in their own room as they are next to you .(Before we completely freak you out you can read more about cot death and how to avoid it here)

4. Buy Cot Bumpers

If you are worried about your baby tossing and turning and getting their legs or arms stuck in the bars of your cot, then you can buy breathable cot bumpers. The word 'breathable' is what is important here so make sure you include that when googling! 


5.  Get a Sleeping bag

To save yourself worrying about your baby disappearing under a sheet or blanket and suffocating (us mummies do worry!) then put him in a sleeping bag instead. These genius mini sleeping bags are great for babies to sleep as they do up over their shoulders  keeping them snug and warm, and you don't have to use a sheet!

6. Don’t let yourself get too emotional

Room sharing is an incredibly intimate way to bond with your baby and it is little wonder that making the transition from your room to theirs brings a lump to your throat. But you need to be realistic - it can't last forever. .   It's a good idea to allow your baby space to grow and develop - and remember, they can always come into your room for a cuddle in the morning.

Are you feeling emotional about moving your baby into their own room? Let me know in the comments below and I'll try and reassure each and every one of you!

IF you want some more expert baby sleep advice, then check out Rachel's wonderful book which you can buy here I really recommend this book (bot only because Rachel is so fabulous!) but also because her advice lends itself towards mummies who want flexibility with their babies - which was completely perfect for what I wanted with Rupert!


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