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The most baby friendly places in Ibiza

The most baby friendly places in Ibiza

Thinking of heading to Ibiza for an end of summer holiday but worried about if it will be "right"'for your newborn? Just last week I headed to the White Isle to do some research on just how friendly some of the Ibiza hot spots really are....

1. The Cotton Club


The Highs:

• If you take a baby in a  babyzen there is enough space so it can be fitted around the table

• All of the waiters all incredibly friendly towards babies and when the DJ clocked us he even turned the music down a little! 


• if you're going for lunch, head there at 1pm as there were lots of others newborns in the vacinity with their uber stylish parents. there at that time

• The whole of The Cotton Club is all Undercover so there is a lot of shade for the babies.


The lows:

• Bring baby ear defenders as the music can get quite loud later on in the afternoon (however Rupert and his friend Otis didn't seem to mind!) 😂

•'There are no baby changing facilities so be prepared to change on your pushchair. 

2. Aiyana - North of the island


The highs:

• Aiyana is situated on a very family friendly beach (but be warned that there are lots of waves so not great for paddling in with a baby) 

• There are lots of families with young children running around so you don't need to worry if your newborn has a meltdown (I even had one fellow diner offer to bounce Rupert when he lost his sense of humor!)

The lows:

• Another Ibiza hotspot that doesn't have changing facilities but they are very happy for you to change bottoms in the inside room which is very incredibly glam! 

• Makee sure when you book that you ask for a spot in the shade as the restaurant is  part sun/part shade. At the moment Aiyana is one of the most popular places on the Island so make sure you book! 

3. Chiringuitos


 The Highs:

• They went out of their way to find us a spot in the shade and one where we could fit our buggy under a table 


 • They actually have  "Little Chiringuitos", an uber stylish kids club for babies. Which basically means parents can get drunk on their fabulous rose wine whilst the kids are entertained. 

 • They have baby changing facilities in the disabled loo (this was actually the only place in ibiza that we visited that had baby changing facilities)

 • Chiringuitos is on a gorgeous beach which is perfect for taking the baby for a walk on if they have a meltdown.

 • It is incredibly family orientated - when we decided to getbup, mid meal and have a dance with Rupert, everyone clapped along and smiled! 

The Lows:

• The music and crowd can be loud so take baby ear defenders

4. Tiberon, Formentera 


The Highs:

 • This beautiful beach bar has sand underfoot so perfect for a baby who is happy on his playmat on the sand.  

 •'Tiberon have big fans with water spray so everyone (including baby) benefits! 

 • The Sea water is so clear and calm its the perfect place to take your baby for their first dip in the sea

 The lows:

• There are no changing facilities but it is very easy to change the baby on the beach

 • The best way to get to Fomentera is on a  private boat (if not you can take your car on the ferry but its not as glam!)








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