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The Mother And Baby Photoshoot That Abandons All The Rules

The Mother And Baby Photoshoot That Abandons All The Rules

Standing in front of a camera brandishing a baby tends to be something completely out of my comfort zone (especially when I'm still carrying around pregnancy weight and look so exhausted i can barely keep my eyes open!) So, when I stumbled across some gorgeous photos of a mummy and her baby on Facebook recently, I was tempted to flick on past them and remind myself that I, for one, am certainly not a fan of mother and baby shoots.

But something about the photos from the wonderful photographer Carin Thakrar made me stop and look....and minutes later I was booking her myself to capture some 'motherhood moments' (as she affectionately calls them) between myself and Rupert.


Carin does something other photographers do not. She captures 'natural moments' without the needs for posing, special lighting or verbal direction.

When she arrived at my house a few weeks ago,  I was a flurry of nerves wondering if Rupert's outdoor was 'right' and if I would look like a podgy potato in my pre pregnancy jeans (which were far too tight!) 

My only solace? Carin had reassured me prior to the shoot that it would be like no other professional photoshoot. She would simple just let us be 'us.' Rupert and I were to go about our every day activities (playing, giggling and reading) as we would on any other normal day, and Carin would simply be hidden around the corner snapping away.


Carin started shooting "motherhood mini Sessions' for mothers & her child(ren) as the perfect way to get photos capturing the beauty, chaos and intimacy of motherhood.  In her 30 minute session (which will take place either at your home or in a nearby park) she takes photos that are natural and genuine with a storytelling approach.

To be honest, for someone who HATES having their photo taken, after just a few minutes I genuinely forgot Carin was there and was simply just enjoying some time and giggles with Rupert. 


When Carin emailed me the photos a few weeks later, I was (to be honest) quite emotional. Not only were they gorgeous (where had my three bellies and under eye bags gone?!) but they also genuinely captured moments between myself and Rupert that really show what our relationship as mother and son is like. As a new mummy, it's very usual for me to be the one behind the lens, snapping away photos of Rupert with various family members or his daddy. There are hardly any photos of the two of us (or good photos at least!) so having these really did make me want to do an emotional mummy cry (in a good way of course)!


So why does this mother and baby photoshoot abandon all the rules? It's simple - there is no awkward posing, no 'put your head like this or smile like that' directing. There are no studio lights or big scary cameras. It's just you, your baby and..what will end up being some incredible photos capturing special moments that you will treasure forever.


To book a Motherhood Session with Carin click here ( I promise it will be the best thing you have ever done!)

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