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The 8 Mummy Milestones that will make you Totes Emosh

The 8 Mummy Milestones that will make you Totes Emosh

Mummy Milestones come in all shapes and sizes- from that first roll to the first step, parenting can be an emotional rollercoaster.

But there are some Milestones that only mummies can relate to.... and they are likely to leave you a sobbing emotional mascara streaked mess (or is that just me?)

So get ready, because they are coming your way:

1. When you first give him a bottle

I remember this moment vividly. Despite giving breastfeeding a jolly good go, when Rupert was about 3 weeks I knew I needed help from a good old formula bottle. So, armed with a support team of husband and my own mummy, we headed to an outside terrace of a bar in Chiswick on  sunny day.

I attempted to give Rupert his first bottle. There were tears, there was sobbing and there was a "I'm not doing it" (all from me, not the baby.) It seems giving the baby his first ever bottle, and not my boob, was more emotional than I could ever have imagined. Why? For me there were numerous reasons: Were the breastfeeding Nazis (who were no doubt hiding in bush nearby) going to jump out and declare me an unfit mother for offering formula? Was I letting down Rupert by offering bottle and not nutritious, healthy breast milk? Was I holding the bottle properly?! (Yes, I seriously worried about this last one for the fear of dousing my baby in a fountain of formula which would result in me drowning him in milk - drama queen? Me?

2.  When he gets too big for his Moses basket

Rupert is a big baby, there's no denying it (he has 7 double chins for gods sake!) so the "big move" came sooner than expected. The "big boy cot" was swiftly moved into our bedroom and I spent 40 minutes starting at my little baby lying in it, with tears streaming down my face. How could he be growing up already?! Remember how small he looked in his Moses basket on that first day back from hospital with his little squishy toes and fingers and bottom and....gulp. Sob.

3. When your husband starts talking about moving him into another room

This is currently happening and I am NOT happy about it. Husband however seems VERY keen to get him out and, annoyingly his reasoning is hard to argue with. First off, our fabulous Sleep Trainer (yes we are sleep training already!) Rachel Waddilove has suggested that the only way to get a baby to sleep through the night is if they are in a separate room. And the worst thing? I trust Rachel implicitally and I know she (and Patrick) and right. But it doesn't stop it being downright Emosh. 

4. When he moves from the "newborn bassinet" pram into his stroller 

Theres something very emotional about moving the baby from his baby basinet in his pram  to the forward facing stroller. In his bassinet he would lie down, facing you and gurgling whilst you took him for a walk in the park. In his bassinet he looked so small and tiny, surrounded by space (lots and lots of space.) Move him into the "stroller" and suddenly he's facing away from you - watching the outside world instead of staring adoringly into his mummy's eyes. He also needs to be "strapped in" to his chair due to the fact he now "wiggles." Did I mention he's now facing away so can no longer stare adorningly into his mummy's eyes?


5.  When he starts looking for like a baby than a newborn

I have been told on numerous occasions rupert has a "grown up face." To be honest I hate it (friends- please note- from now onwards please can you just look at my baby and tell me how little/small/newborn he looks.) The thing is, I KNOW Rupert doesn't look like the 4 month old he is, and he certainly no longer looks like a newborn. And that means he is growing up...quickly. And that - sob, *wipes mascara stains away from eye- is hard to deal with. Why can't he stay a newborn for ever!?

6. When you have to sort out his clothes and "put away" the clothes that are too small for him

Oh god. This is a bad one. Just last week before heading on holiday and sorting our Rupert's "holiday gear" I decided it was also time to work out which babygrows no longer fitted him. The answer? All of them. Despite trying to force his little Buddha belly into the "first outfit he wore in hospital" for over three months now, I had to come to the realisation that it no longer fits. Boxing all "too small" clothes up and putting them in the attic (just incase there is a baby number two** )


7. When his little baby socks  get too tight

They leave marks on his flabby ankles and you are at risk of cutting off his circulation but THE TINY BABY SOCKS ARE SOOOO CUTE. Then your realise you need to get him bigger ones. Sob.  

8. When you hold up the outfit  you bought him home from hospital in, up over your tummy and realise that he once used to fit in there. Ok let's not even go here, I'm a sobbing mess even just thinking about it.

What other "mummy milestones" do you think need adding to the list? Let me know in the comments below!!  


** Mother- if you are reading this no we are NOT trying for baby number two, so don't rush out an start buying more baby clothes (see footnote)


Footnote: My mummy bubbles is desperate for us to have baby number 2, so much so that after telling her that I shouldn't get pregnant after a c section for AT LEAST a year, she came back to me (having spoken to numerous friends and consulted google) that it is in fact perfectly fine to get pregnant asap as doctors nowadays are "so good that they will 'sort you out' if anything goes wrong." Thank you for that Mummy!

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