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Essential newborn travel tips

Essential newborn travel tips

The Little List: 

1. Easy to change outfit

2. Portable changing mat

3. Muslins (as many as possible) 

4. Ear Defenders

5. Nappy wallet

6. Baby's best friend

7.  Sturdy baby carrier 

 Heading on holiday can be a daunting experience with a newborn but there's no need to let stress ruin your relaxed time away. Here's are some top tips on how to make your trip with a newborn as easy as possible


 Dress your baby in an outfit that can be changed easily. A babygrow is perfect as it's comfy and has poppers which can be easily undone if there is an explosive nappy!  And you don't have to worry about losing rogue socks! 


Take your own changing mat that you can put on top of the changing tables at airports. No one wants to put their newborn down on a gritty, used-by-many communal changing table so by bringing your own Mat you can rest safe in the knowledge that your little one doesn't have to lie on something that could be covered in germs! Another tip? Pack hand sanitiser - and use it at every given opportunity at the airport!



Pack double the amount of muslins as they can be used in a variety of ways - as blankets,  to put down and lie your baby on in an emergency nappy change situation and to giving you privacy when breastfeeding


Pack some ear defenders as airplanes are notoriously noisy, especially during take off and landing!  Rupert was none the wiser on his recent trip to Ireland when we took off. 


 Get yourself a compact nappy wallet. This gorgeous chevron nappy wallet from Mellobaby has helped me through many trips across Europe. With multiple compartments for water wipes, cotton wool, nappies and barrier cream, it's not just useful but also incredibly stylish! 


Your baby's best friend,  in Rupert's case "Duck" (we were not original in the name choosing!)  


A sturdy baby carrier is essential. Not only is it useful for navigating airport departure gates, but also great for walking around and sightseeing whilst on holiday.  


Have I missed anything off the list? If so, let me know in the comments below!  

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