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Our nursery tour

It's fair to admit that I became quite obsessed with our nursery. I was adamant that I wanted to avoid any kind of boisterous colouring or cluttered mayhem (all electrical, flashing light type toys were banned!) and I settled on a  serene 'grey' theme. I didn't want to go down the route of  painting the walls blue just because I was having a boy, or 'choosing' a theme for the baby (safari theme, farmyard theme) until Rupert was old enough to choose one himself.

I'm of the opinion that when you have a very new little baby, the nursery is more of sanctuary for you. It's the place where you will spent hours staring at your little one whilst he sleeps. It's the place you will attempt breastfeeding for the first time, or try and give him his first 'formula' dream feed. The nursery is the place where, as a mummy, you are able to escape from the chaotic space that is well-wishers/tired husbands/health visitors.

The first item that was bought (very kindly by my parents as a 'welcome to the world Rupert' present) was our The Little White Company Cot. I remember it being the first thing we placed in the empty room then I was 6 months pregnant and Patrick and I posed by it as we took photos. I don't think it quite hit us at that moment that in just a few months there would be a baby in there!

I'd been advised to get a comfortable 'nursery chair' but was horrified when I googled feeding chairs (I dare you to to do it now - just vulgar!) so, at the heavily 8 month stage, I dragged Patrick to Ikea and we came back with this gorgeous armchair. I honestly don't think it looks like an Ikea chair and have had so many compliments on it since it was put in the nursery. Well done Ikea. Bloody good job.

Another piece of advice I was given when setting up the nursery was to make sure you have a rug, as lots of 'baby stuff (read as wee, sick etc) can quite easily end up on the floor (oh the glamour) and the last thing you want to do is have to bring in an industrial sized carpet cleaner. Thankfully my lovely sister-in-law and her boyfriend stepped in and bought us this gorgeous Elephant Rug (again from the White Company) and I am pleased to report it has not succumbed to any baby wee (yet!)

It was incredibly important to me to see the nursery as clutter free as possible and somewhere that would feel serene when I went to feed Rupert. So for the time being I have placed all of his books and toys in another room and I just have gorgeous side table which we bought in Ibiza and a lamp with a dimmer switch (imperative for late night feeding!)


I know you can't 'force' a favourite animal on a baby but I am hoping that Rupert grows up to love elephants - purely because my lovely grandad 'Pop' did. So a great friend of mine made this lovely Elephant bunting for the nursery wall. I also bought the obligatory 'sleepyhead' (a complete must have if you are a new parent) and covered it in this gorgeous Mori star throw (which doubles as a great breastfeeding cover/winter evening blanket!)


We knew Rupert wouldn't be sleeping in his cot for quite a while as he would be placed in his Woolnest moses basket in our room for his first couple of months, so I covered his cot with this cute bunny blanket just to make it look less stark and white.

2017-03-31 16.49.00.jpg

One of my favourite items in his nursery is the 'Super Penguin' artwork on his wall. We actually bought this years before Rupert was even born and now it looks perfect in his little room. I like to think of it as sending the message that "you can be whoever you want to be -even a super penguin!"

2017-03-31 16.50.07.jpg

This hand painted and personalised wall scroll is incredible. It was given to me and drawn by a friend and has all of our important life dates on it - the date Patrick and I met, the date he proposed, the date we got married...and then there was a blank space at the bottom to put the date of Rupert's birth.

2017-03-31 16.51.44.jpg

Finally, a nursery wouldn't be a nursery without Ewan the Dream Sheep. I hated this little guy at first (hardly the most attractive of baby toys) but he DID fit in with the grey colour scheme so I allowed him a spot in the nursery!

And then, the final touch was this gorgeous little rabbit brush which I bought from Pure Baby in Chelsea after one of our scans. I actually think this brush was one of the first things I bought Rupert (and thankfully he was born with a full head of hair so it really has been put to use!)

2017-03-31 16.51.18.jpg


Pure Baby

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