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Luxury Hospital bag ideas for the Daddy

Luxury Hospital bag ideas for the Daddy

You may think hospital bags are reserved for just mummy and baby - think again! When I was preparing to go into hospital for my scheduled C section, I became very aware that It was often only me and the baby that was the topic of conversation: What should we pack for mummy/baby to make the hospital stay more comfortable? How was I feeling about giving birth? What new goodies had be bought for the baby?

You see, the Daddy (a very important role!) was being VERY left out! Whilst I happily packed lots of goodies into my hospital bag (See what I packed in my hospital bag here),Patrick was being left on a limb with just a toothbrush and spare air of boxers.

Then it hit me - why shouldn't dads be treated to a luxury hospital bag? Google 'what to pack in dads hospital bag' and all you will find are boring as hell lists incorporating the following: Pregnancy notes, toothbrush, spare pair of boxers...thats pretty much it.

So i took it upon myself to create the 'hospital bag to rival all hospital bags.....especially for the daddy's to be! Afterall,  that little baby wouldn't be coming along if it wasnt for them....so why not spoil your other half by putting together a surprise hospital bag that you can present him with the night before you head into hospital.

Here's what I packed in Patricks:

A luxury leather bag 

This bag is the perfect size for a short trip away (or, in this case, a few nights stay in hospital)

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

Buy this exact bag here

A wallet sized, mini triple photo frame - this gorgeous leather photo frame from Sage Brown is just perfect for a daddy to be. As soon as the baby is born he can fill it with photos and carry it everywhere with him (due to the fact it is the perfect size to fit in a wallet!) I filled patrick's frame with three photos - one from our wedding day, one of our first baby scan and the final was left blank to fill with a photo of Rupert when he arrived

Father and Son matching swim shorts.

Firstly, adding these matching swim shorts to the bag meant it was a jolly good excuse to book a holiday (!), and secondly HOW GORGEOUS WILL DADDY AND BABY LOOK IN THEM?!? Enough said!

 Birthday letters to my baby

if your other half is the sentimental type then this is the perfect gift to add to the bag. Find out why by reading my blog post on it here  

Inkless hand and footprint kit

The fabulous thing about this little hand and foot kit is that it is actually inkless, so there is no messiness when trying to take your newborns handprints. It's also the perfect "first daddy job" that a new daddy can do when the baby is born!  


Luxury Smellies

I stumbled across the brand Willow by accident and immediately fell in love with it. Smelling of cedarwood, patrick used it throughout our stay in hospital and smelt completely divine.  

FullSizeRender 40.jpg
FullSizeRender 29.jpg

What would you pack in your partner's hospital bag? Let me know in the comments below! 



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