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6 ways to beat morning sickness that ACTUALLY WORK (and helped me!)

6 ways to beat morning sickness that ACTUALLY WORK (and helped me!)

When morning sickness hit me, it hit me with full force. One minute I was happily (and on reflection, naively) thinking that  my pregnancy had been without drama and then BAM - out of nowhere -the morning sickness struck. Suddenly I was cancelling even social engagement for the fear of vomiting into my handbag, and the only 'solution' seemed to be to curl up under my duvet and count down the hours until I felt better.

So, what can you do to make morning sickness manageable? I'm sharing my top 7 tips on how to cure morning sickness (as tested and experienced by me!)

Morning sickness cure 1 - Sea-bands

Remember when you were little and would go on a long car/boat journeys and your parents would insist you wear a bright pink or purple 'seabed?' These genius little inventions, which actually sit on your acupressure points, really do help when it comes to stopping nausea, and were my complete lifesaver when pregnant. Sure, you look as thought you're about to launch into an 80's aerobic routine((I certainly got some odd looks whilst walking down The Kings Road) but believe me the stigma of brandishing our wrists with what essentially look like wrist warmers, is nothing compared to the relief you will feel when you're not reaching for a sick bag very five minutes. 

Morning sickness cure 2 - Change your pregnancy vitamins

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I dashed out and bought pregnacare vitamins as I presumed they were jam packed with everything I needed. Little did I know that sometimes too much really can be too much. It was only when I started researching online that i discovered lots of other women who were on a full on doe of pregnancy vitamins were also suffering from morning sickness. So, a quick stop to the chemist reassured me of what I needed to know - the only two really important vitamins to take when you are pregnant are Vitamin B3 and Folic acid.  I ditched the pregnacare and bough individual bottles of B3 and Folic acid, taking both of them just before bed (another great bit of advice given to me by the pharmacist as taking vitamins on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can make sickness even worse!)

3. Preggie Pops

Google these immediately! I can't tell you how much they hoped me (not to mention how delicious they are!) Reggie Pops are specifically made for morning sickness (hence the name!) and are lollipops made  in sour flavours known to reduce nausea. These include ginger, mint, lavender, sour raspberry (my favourite!), sour lemon, and sour tangerine.

4. Lemon Ice Cubes

 Such a simple idea but my goodness do they work! Simple squeeze a lemon and add some water to an icecube tray and freeze them over night. Then first thing in the morning, pop and ice cube in my mouth (before you attempt breakfast or a cup of tea!) Again, its the citrus taste that really helped me with my morning sickness and you don't have to worry about whether your tummy will be able to digest it (afterall, its just water and lemon!)

5. Music (bare with me on this one - I promise it works!)

" MorningWell" is an audio program of music and audio signals that claims to ease the symptoms of morning sickness. Not convinced? Apparently a recent study showed that it has a 90% success rate (and whats not to like about that?!) . 

6. Prescription drugs

It's easy to think when you are pregnant that you can't take any sort of medicine (people just LOVE scaremongering about how EVERYTHING you put in your body could potentially harm your baby!) But when morning sickness really just won't go away, then it's time to head to the doctors, Believe it or not, doctors CAN actually prescribe you medicine for morning sickness -and the medicine works! Believe me, if you're at the stage when you feel you just can't cope with the nausea anymore then the tablets he doctors can give you are LIFE SAVING. You pop them up under your gum and wait for them to dissolve - and then relief is immediate. Thoroughly recommended!

Still not convinced? In my latest video I give you some MORE tips on what helped me when morning sickness struck. If you've suffered from morning sickness and have found a solution that might help other people reading this blog, then please share them below!

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