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7 ways to get your baby to sleep well throughout the festive period

7 ways to get your baby to sleep well throughout the festive period

Wouldn’t Christmas be just perfect if your baby slept through the night? Imagine waking up on Christmas morning with a full 12 hours sleep behind you, refreshed  and ready for the festive celebrations! Believe it or not, this might be one Christmas wish Father Christmas can grant you! With help from The Sleep Nanny Lucy Shrimpton, I'm sharing her top tips on getting your baby to sleep through the festive period! 

1. Stick to their routine as much as possible

It can be so easy with all the carol concerts and evening events, to let bedtime slip a bit late a few times - But you will pay the price with an overtired and restless baby! So try to be on the ball and stick to their regular bedtime somewhere between 6p.m - 8p.m for 0-6 year olds.  And the best tip? Try to get to them bed a little bit earlier on Christmas eve night as I can guarantee without fail they will be waking up with the excitement of Christmas VERY early on Christmas Day! 

2. Make sure little ones are not skipping naps in the day

Whilst your running around decorating Christmas trees and doing last minute Christmas shopping it can be easy for your baby to end up skipping one of their naps as they watch you hustle and bustle around. Try your hardest to make sure babies don’t skip their daytime naps as these really are important to helping them sleep through the night.  


3. Top up their sleep if necessary

If you have an early waker (waking before 6a.m daily), be sure to get their sleep topped up with a nap. 

4. Calmer days equal calmer nights

- Especially with very young babies. If you are out and about in busy shopping malls and noisy Christmas events, your baby may sleep soundly through it but the quality of sleep is affected. This may cause more disturbed night sleep.



5.  Use Father Christmas to your advantage!

Tell those kiddos that Santa only visits the homes of sleeping children! They need to close their eye and be fast asleep.


6. Calm down the bedtime routine

Avoid sugary foods or drinks before bed and try to have some calm activity in the last hour before commencing your bedtime routine.

7. Don’t let YOURSELF get too overexcited  

Parents, contain your excitement until the kids are asleep! If you are quite hyped up and excitable yourself, this will rub off on your baby/child and prevent them from settling to sleep peacefully.

How do you get your baby to sleep? I’d love to hear some of your ideas and tips so please comment in the comment box below!! 



About Lucy: Lucy’s Shrimpton is  The Sleep Nanny® and 'Author of The Sleep Nanny® System' 

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