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6 benefits of breastfeeding that every Tatler mum will appreciate

6 benefits of breastfeeding that every Tatler mum will appreciate

Mention the word “breastfeeding” and there’s no doubt every human on the planet will have an opinion. Which is why, having mix fed until Rupert was 6 months, I’ve decide to take a lighthearted look at the positives behind breast and  bottle feeding

Afterall, sometimes you’ve just got to laugh at motherhood!

So on today’s blog I’m listing the xxx benefits of breastfeeding that every Tatler Type mummy will appreciate!



1. You can still use your designer clutch

With bottle feeding comes luggage. We are talking bottles, Aptamil, sterlaising equipment...the list is endless. Then you have to lug it all around in a  "nappy bag." Yawn. But breastfeeding mummies? All you need are you boobs, which essentially means you can still rock that gorgeous mulberry clutch from Net-a-Porter. Win win situation.

2. You have a genuine excuse to buy glam shawls

Everyone knows that nursing shawls rarely scream glamour. Who wants to sit in The Ivy with a muslin tied around your neck? So breastfeeding mummies now have be perfect excuse to shop - head on over to outnet and bag yourself a luxury designer shawl which can double as a breastfeeding cover.

2. You have a reason to buy new underwear

Google nursing bras and you’re likely to be horrified at the results (when did it become acceptable to wear bolder holders just because you’ve had a baby?!) Thankfully brands such as Hot Milk and Heidi Klum have noticed a gap in the market and created the most stunning nursing bras. In fact - I’m still wearing mine even though I stopped breastfeeding  months ago! 

4. Big boobs = great cleavage

Need I say more? 

2017-04-29 14.26.30.jpg

5. You can do it lying down

...and as a new mummy we all know that anything that can be done horizontally is a bonus.

6. You’ll have one free hand

Breastfeeding means you can multitask as you’ll always have one hand free - the perfect time to plaster on some makeup or do some online shopping! 


Stayed tuned for my next post which will be all about the positives of bottle feeding!!




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