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The MUST have baby brand: Roses and The Stars

The MUST have baby brand: Roses and The Stars

There are times in your life when you stumble across a baby brand and your heart just stops. This is exactly what happened when I came across Roses and The Stars whilst looking for smart, yet stylish clothes for Rupert.

Some baby brands get it exceptionally wrong thinking that all mothers want to emblazon their babies with cartoon characters and bright colours, but Roses and The Stars are people after my own heart with their simple yet stylish premium baby clothes and products.

The first item on my 'must have' shopping list was this gorgeous Alpaca Wool Star Jumper. It's traditional colour and cut means it fitted in perfectly with the other items in Rupert's wardrobe and the touch and feel of it was so soft that I knew Rupert was going to be incredibly comfortable in it. The best bit? I loved his jumper so much that I went on a hunt to find myself a matching one....! You can buy Rupert's jumper here


I also completely fell in love with this incredibly cute Jelly Fish collared body suit. The Jelly fish tentacles are embroidered with beautiful tassels and the body suit has poppers on the crotch and up the front for easy changing, The quality of this body suit is also to die for as it's incredibly soft and Rupert looked impeccably dressed at all times.


My Roses and The Stars LUST haves: The items I have been lusting over this week

With Rupert tottering around and desperate to walk, it's about time I invest in some shoes. And these gorgeous little bunny booties are certain to make it into my shopping bag. Buy them here


Rupert* (read as 'Rupert's mummy') loves it when he is dressed in cashmere so who could resist this gorgeous cashmere cardigan in 'blue haze.' To. Die. For. Buy it here


A wolf romper suit - because who doesn't want to dress their baby up like a wolf? Buy it here

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