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A cozy family mini break to Bath

A cozy family mini break to Bath

For those of you who know us, Patrick and I constantly have itchy feet. When we are in London, we miss the countryside, when we are in the countryside we miss the buzz of the city. Having both been bought up surrounded by sheep and fields (Patrick in Ireland and myself in Hertfordshire), we know we ultimately want Rupert to grow up outside of a big city.

However whereas Patrick would move in an instance to a little village with a single pub and long country walks, I struggle more with the idea of being away from the latest restaurant openings, the ever expanding baby class options and then adrenaline rush of the big city.

Which is why this weekend we decided to take a family mini break to Bath - with the idea of looking at it as a future 'residence.' The thing about Bath that appealed to us is that it is like an 'Edinburgh of the south' (and we LOVE Edinburgh!) So, we headed for a mini break with Rupert in tow to do some house viewing (both in the city of Bath -  at my insistence, and the countryside surrounding it - at Patricks insistence.)

We booked the most beautiful townhouse on air b and b  which was situated right in the centre of the city (you can book the same one here) You literally walk about of the front door and you are minutes away from all of the shops and bars. The owner Nicola did everything she could to make our stay there as luxurious and fabulous as possible. After finding out we were visiting with a baby, she thoughtfully asked if we had a travel cot (and if not, said she would get one set up at the property straight away) and also left out a Mama and Papa's Snug Play seat which resulted in Rupert being entertained in for hours.


The modern town house had  5 bedrooms and was beautifully decorated in a luxurious and modern style, meaning we had difficulty picking which bedroom to sleep in as all of them were so gorgeous! Thoughtful details were everywhere, from the chocolates left out for us in the living room to gorgeous hand cream and shower gels in the bathrooms. I'm always slightly anal when it comes to staying in someone else's property, and cleanliness is far up my list of priorities, but every room was spotlessly and gorgeously clean that I couldn't find fault anywhere.


Much to Patrick and my amusement, the property did't actually have a bath, as all of the bathrooms had showers, which posed a bit of a dilemma when giving Rupert his evening wash. Stupidly we had never considered there not being a bath (and we usually bath Rupert using his angel seat) so we had to resort to the good old fashioned baby washing technique of putting him in the kitchen sink. The result? He LOVED it! I don't think I have ever seen a baby so happy to sit in a sink with a rubber duck. Goodness knows how we are going to get him back into a normal bath after that!

IMG_0440 2.JPG

The rest of the house was the epitome of luxury and relaxation - we spent both evenings (whilst Rupert was asleep upstairs) snuggled up on the leather sofas watching netflicks and eating takeaways from the local Deliveroo service. Just the perfect way to relax and let the adrenaline and stress of london subside.


The following day we set about house hoisting and were seriously impressed by what you could get in Bath compared to London. A 7 bedroom townhouse with garden and Georgian design? Yes please. It really would be a dream place to live.


After 4 house viewing (and a tired and grumpy Rupert) we took the advice of a local, and headed just outside of bath for lunch at The Hare and Hound. This award winning Gastro pub is apparently a firm favourite for Shooting parties and celebrities alike, and we were thoroughly impressed with both the food and then location. The pub was incredibly child friendly and went out of their way to give Rupert an extra baby spoon (when they saw he had dropped his on the floor!) and  even offered to give him a cuddle when our food arrived so we could enjoy it whilst it was hot!


After lunch we headed for a walk around the local villages (did you know that Babbington house is only a stones throw away from some of the villages surrounding Bath?) and I must admit, the countryside won me over. There is something about the thought of bringing Rupert up in a place where he can run out of the back garden and climb trees or explore woods and the countryside, that brings more of a sense of exploration than the thought of bringing him up in London surrounded by thousands of starbucks and pollution.

IMG_0451 2.JPG

All in all our mini break away from London was perfect and Id thoroughly recommend it (and the gorgeous air b and b we stayed in) as a place to visit for families with a young baby.

Things to do in Bath as a Mummy:

 - Get your NCT group together and head down for a girlie weekend without the kids. I discovered a wonderful Bath Academy of Media Makeup where you can brush up on your makeup skills

  - Test out a Norland Nanny. The prestigious Nanny college is situated in bath and you can contact them to see if they have any nannies who are training who might ant some experience looking after a little one for the night. 

 - You can't visit Bath without going to the spa, so hand the baby over to the hubby and take an hours relaxation in the thermal pools.


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