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Review: The Chicco LullaGo Zip Travel Cot

Review: The Chicco LullaGo Zip Travel Cot

For families who like to travel, getting the perfect travel cot is high on the priority list. For me, as a mother who is NOT any good at assembling products without the help my husband, I needed a cot that would be fuss-free for me and comfortable for Rupert. So what did I think of the Chicco LullaGo Zip Travel Cot? Would it tick all of the credentials I was looking for? Would I be able to put it together without a mummy meltdown? And most importantly, would Rupert actually sleep in it?


The lowdown: The Chicco LullaGo Zip describes itself as 'the only expandable cradle for use up to  18 months.' As someone who would probably rather spend money on gorgeous baby clothes than a different cot every time Rupert gets a bit bigger, this certainly sold it to me!


Things I love about The Chicco LullaGo Zip:

1. Thanks to the handy zip opening at the outer perimeter of the crib, its easy to turn LullaGo Zip into a bed! Which means you can buy it the second your baby is born and it will last up to 18 months!

2. Its wide mesh surface area means that air circulated nicely around your baby at night, which is perfect if you are in a hot climate whilst holidaying. Afterall, no one wants an over heated baby whilst your trying to drink your margaritas!

3. It folds down for easy transportation....and even I could do it! Do not underestimate how many 'travel cots claim to have 'easy assembly.' I have battled with numerous cots whilst abroad however the Chicco LullaGo really did ooze ease. You'd have to be an idiot not to be able to dismantle it within seconds and without breaking a sweat.

4. It's big enough to still put a Sleepyhead in, however if you'd prefer not to lug your sleepyhead abroad then the mattress that comes with it is beautifully padded and very comfortable. Compared to some travel cots where the mattresses are like bricks, this one actually surprised me by it's softness.

5. Rupert actually SLEPT. I kid you not -  a travel cot that a baby can actually sleep in is a revelation. I can't count how many times friends have told me that 'holidaying with a travel cot' leads to sleepless nights and a grumpy baby. Why? Because they are usually so darn uncomfortable. But the LulllaGo Zip is obviously one of a kind. Rupert slept soundly every night on holiday AND (should I admit it?) it has actually replaced our moses basket and become the 'cot of choice' that Rupert now sleeps in every night in our room (yes yes, we will move him out of our room and into his beautiful nursery soon but for the time being....)


The things I don't love:

1. It's not the most beautiful travel cot in the world but I'm not going to hold it against it. After all, name me a travel cot that is aesthetically pleasing and 'Ill give you a bottle of wine.* Although I didn't fall in love with the beige colour palette, I can now confirm that actually, it's not too bad. It fits in subtly in our bedroom and isn't so horrendous that I feel the need to dismantle it every time a guest comes around.

2. The Scratching - Due to it's mesh surface area (which I have listed as plus too!), Rupert occasionally likes to run his fingernails over it, in the middle of the night, when his mummy and daddy and so seep deprived they can barely function. This results in me thinking there is a mouse/Freddy Kruger in the bedroom and has caused me, on numerous occasions to jump out of bed screaming 'WHAT'S THAT NOISE? SOMEONE IS TRYING TO MURDER ME' only to realise I in fact just need to trim Rupert's finger nails.


In conclusion:

If you're thinking of getting a travel cot then so far this would be the top of my list. It ticks a lot of those 'must have 'boxes and the fact that my baby boy has been able to actually sleep for hours on end in it says a lot. You can buy yours here.

*a 'virtual' bottle of wine

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