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The Golden rules for putting your baby to sleep

The Golden rules for putting your baby to sleep

We’ve all been there. It’s time for your baby’s bedtime, you’re desperate for a glass of wine and a catch up on Netflix, but the baby has other ideas.

Little Me London’s Baby Expert Rachel Waddilove, shares her top tips on how to make sure your little one goes to sleep when he should.

1.     Make sure your baby has a full tummy.

How do you know if they have? Usually they will become very drowsy and look as if they are practically about to drop off. Having a full tummy means they are less likely to wake demanding food just as you have put your feet up

2.    Have they been winded and changed?

 Check that they don’t have wind (put her on your shoulder and pat her back gently) and that they have a clean nappy. It might sound obvious but it’s amazing how many parents forget this when putting a baby down to sleep

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3.     Have they been up for the right amount of time?

Make sure your baby has been up for the right length of time before you put them to bed. Usually this would be between one and a half to two hours, Depending on his age . So, if you’re putting your baby down to bed at 7pm make sure that they have been awake since at least 5.30.

4.    Create a sleepy atmosphere

 Put the nursery lights down low and then Sit with your baby and sing a lullaby or just walk around the room quietly with him. They will eventually associate this calming atmosphere with bedtime.

5.    Position him correctly in the cot

 Put him into a baby sleep bag and place him at the bottom of the cot. If you are using blankets, tuck them in around his body so that his head and neck and above the top of the blanket.

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6.     Play some music

If your baby has a musical toy which plays a soft lullaby then use this to help them drift off. Again, a certain song could be associated with bedtime.

7.    Tell them you love them

 Tell them you love them and sat goodnight. Turn the light off and leave the room with the door slightly ajar so that you can check on him during the evening without disturbing him


About Rachel

 Rachel Waddilove has worked for many years as a private maternity nurse for clients including Zara Phillips and Gwyneth Paltrow. She now runs her own consultancy service Rachel’s Babies and has written numerus baby books to help new parents. 

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