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How a celebrity maternity nurse helped me to get my 4 month old baby into an amazing routine

How a celebrity maternity nurse helped me to get my 4 month old baby into an amazing routine

Rachel Waddilove is the name on every celebrity mothers lips. Having already worked for clients such as Gweynth Paltrow and Zara Philips, she has been hailed by the press as the “celebrity baby whisperer,” guaranteed to get your baby into a fabulous routine and sleeping through the night.



so, when tiredness and a complete lack of sleep (for both me and Rupert) finally took its toll a month ago, I eagerly reached for my mobile and tapped in Rachel’s number, praying silently that she would take me on as a client and help me get Rupert into a routine that would work perfectly for our busy (and often chaotic!) lifestyle! 


That first phone call with her was a revelation. A softly spoken, reassuring voice that refers me me as “one of her mummies” and affectionately calls me “Deary” put me at ease within just a few minutes as she “promised” we would combat Rupert’s riutune issues together. In short, up until then Rupert had no routine whatsoever and as a result was sleeping badly, often grumpy and a unable to chill.    I immediate felt like she was on my side - we were a team - and that feeling is still here two months later when we have weekly chats just to “catch up” and troubleshoot any new baby troubles.


So, how did she get my baby into a routine that actually worked with our busy lifestyle? ? A lot if baby experts insist on routines that have no flexibility whatsoever, whereas Rachel is the complete opposite. She understands that just because we decide to have a baby it doesn’t mean that life has to change completely. If we want to go out for a coffee and it’s supposed to be Rupert’s nap time then she doesn’t insist you skip the coffee so he can sleep in his cot. Rachel also realised that strict timings just don’t work with babies. You may be told that your baby needs to go down for a nap at 11.30am but that doesn’t mean your baby got the memo! Which is why Rachel’s routines are “flexible” and instead of giving an exact time when your baby should eat/sleep/play, she gives you a “around about this time” guideline.

Within just 3 weeks Rupert wasnsleepinf better, eating every few hours (rather than demand feeding as before!) and playing happily in his awake time. Gone was the grumpy baby of the past - and I am a new woman as a result.

I remember actively googling “ routine for a 4 month old baby” when I was sleep deprived and I wished that there had been something out there like this - something that worked for one mother and could be applied to another mothers baby. So I sincerely hope this helps any mummy out there wanting to get their baby into a nice flexible routine. 


This is Rupert’s routine from when he was 4 months old. The great thing about it the flexibility as it means that I don’t HAVE to feed him at an exact time but rather Rachel has given me timings that could work for me and my schedule (so rather than feeding at 11am exactly, I just need to make sure he is fed somewhere between 9.45 and 10.30)

Screenshot 2017-10-12 14.17.34.png
Screenshot 2017-10-12 14.17.45.png
Screenshot 2017-10-12 14.17.58.png

I also found this table that Rachel put together for me, which helps work out when to next feed him depending on when he wakes up, incredible helpful. 

Screenshot 2017-10-12 14.18.14.png

Of course, this routine may not work for everyone but maybe, just maybe, it might work for you and your baby. If you have any questions about it, let me know in the comments below and hopefully Rachel and I can help! 

(Did you know Rachel is now “Little Me London’s” baby expert?)

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