Hello, my name is Tiffany Wright

I'm a journalist who has been writing for women's magazine such as Cosmo, Grazia, Stylist and Brides for over 15 years.  I found out I was pregnant in August 2016 after trying to conceive for over 4 years (and just one day before we were due to start IVF!) 

I set up Little Me London as a way to document the 'Luxury side of parenting.' Having lived in Chelsea and West London for over 10 years, I felt there was a niche for a 'mummy blog' that reflected a 'different side of becoming a parent' where you can start a family and live in that little lap of luxury at the same time! 

From giving birth privately to hiring maternity nurses and choosing the most luxurious products for your need family, I hope that Little Me London will inspire new mothers and show that life can still be luxurious with a baby in tow!

I hope you enjoy my blog - please feel free to contact me on my social media or at Tiffany@littlemelondon.com!

Tiffany x


On my blog I cover everything to do with parenting, babies and becoming a new mummy. You will see the blog has a few different sections which I have explained more clearly below - this is so that if you have a favourite section (or something you are looking to hear more about!) then you know where to head.

Little Me Pregnancy - Detailing everything from the first line on the pregnancy test to that huge 9 month bump and how to deal with it. Little Me Pregnancy covers everything a new 'mummy-to-be" needs and wants to know about her pregnancy journey.

Little Me Baby -  For everything to do with babies  -from how to get them to sleep to when to wean, this section will cover everything to do with your little one.

Little Me Luxuries and  Reviews - Honest reviews on Luxury baby products etc  that I think you need.

Little bit personal - Everyone likes to be nosy, so here's a little insight into my life as a new mummy - the choices I have made and why, my mummy meltdowns (!) and how I feel about everything mummy related. I'll also be including some details of our daily life.


Enjoy! x